Health care

“Health care is not just about what you’re eating. It’s also about what you’re thinking and saying.” Generally, a person is said to be enjoying good health when he is mentally and physically fit. However, health has more to it. The modern definition of health includes various other aspects that need to be kept intact to enjoy a healthy life.

How to Define of Health care?

Initially, health care only meant the body’s ability to function well. It was only disrupted because of physical ailment or disease. It was in 1948 that the World Health Organization (WHO) associated the term health with a person’s overall physical, mental as well as social well being and not just the absence of ailment. While this definition was accepted by some, it was largely criticized. It was said that this definition of health was extremely broad and thus seemed rather vague. It was discarded as being impractical for a long time. 1980’s brought a new concept of health. It stated health as a resource for living and not just a state.

Importance of Maintaining Health care

Good health forms the basis for accomplishing various other tasks in life. Here is how it helps.

Family life

Somebody who is physically unfit cannot take care of his family. Similarly, someone experiencing mental stress and having the inability to handle his emotions cannot build and promote good family relations.


It goes without saying that a physically unfit person cannot work properly. Good mental health is equally essential for working efficiently. To get recognition at work one must also enjoy good social and cognitive health. health care is a great way to calm your mind and sit in self introspection. It takes you to a higher state and gives more clarity of thoughts..Read more

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