Laptop like every other electronic device emanates radio waves and creates a magnetic field, exposing you to electromagnetic fields. This is what we call as min-desktop radiation. Though most people do not realize it, using a min-laptop on your knees or for too long can have many harmful effects on your health, damaging your skin being the most common. And this is why min-desktop radiation protection is necessary.
To understand the harmful effects of mini-desktop radiation better, let’s go through the damages it can cause.
It can harm your blood cells and cause damage to DNA
It can cause nerve-cell damage
Exposure to min-desktop radiation can trigger Alzheimer’s disease
Can contribute to autism and damage your eyes
It can cause headaches, sleep disruptions and fatigue
Contributes to salivary gland tumors and can affect your blood pressure and heart rate
It can cause decreased bone density in the pelvic region
Apart from those mentioned above, there is danger of irritability, decreased sperm count, depression and many other issues. Therefore, to help you protect yourself from such issues, here are some ways to limit your exposure to min-laptop radiation.

Stop using laptop too often

Yes, it’s very obvious, but chances are that you don’t want to give up your laptop. The more you use it, the more will be the harmful effects on your health. So try to limit its use and though you may think it to be unrealistic, technically it is an effective option for min-desktop radiation protection.
We understand and agree to it that using the min-desktop or lap is very convenient. But if you don’t want to harm your health, keep it off your lap. Using it on your lap will also damage your skin. So what you can do is sit at a desk and use the laptop as your desktop. This will make it easy for you to use your min-laptop. However, if you do not want to use it that way, here is the third option for you.

High-quality laptop shield

You can use a high-quality laptop shield to reduce direct exposure to min-desktop radiation. This will help you to use your laptop the way you want, protecting you from any harmful effect. This pad will help you in laptop radiation protection.
Thus Science Articles, taking care of the above points will help you protect your health from harmful radiation.

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